shutterstock_396233590Motorcycle riding is a favorite pastime among many Illinois residents. While it is enjoyable, it can also be dangerous when certain safety precautions are disregarded. The following are six common misconceptions regarding the causes of motorcycle accidents.

  1. Motorcyclists wear leather to appear cool. The truth is most motorcyclists do not wear leather to make a fashion statement. Since leather is a strong and durable material, it can protect them from wind and road rash. It can withstand more abrasion than human skin before it tears, stretches, and conforms to the shape of the body.
  2. There is no reason for motorcyclists to wear helmets. Contrary to popular belief, helmets do protect motorcyclists and can be the difference between surviving and losing a life motorcycle accident. Helmets reduce the risk of head injuries, make it easier for motorcyclists to see, and protect motorcyclists from road debris and weather elements.
  3. Motorists always notice motorcyclists. Motorcyclists should never assume that other motorists can see them. They should make it a priority to stay out of the blind spots of other vehicles, wear bright clothing, practice defensive driving, and keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road.
  4. Motorcyclists are always at fault for accidents. Due to their perception as reckless or dangerous, many people believe motorcyclists are always at fault for accidents. This is not always the case as sometimes a crash is the result of a motorist not seeing the motorcyclist. Slick roads, potholes, and road debris can also contribute to motorcycle accidents.
  5. Streets are safer than freeways for motorcyclists. Some people believe that it is more dangerous for motorcyclists to ride on a freeway because they will be riding at a higher speed. Although an accident at a higher speed does raise injury risk, motorcyclists are actually more likely to get into an accident while on city streets. City streets feature intersections where motorists often fail to see motorcyclists. Additionally, streets with slower speeds are far more challenging to maneuver for motorcyclists and other drivers.
  6. It is legal for motorcyclists to split lanes in Illinois. California is the only state that permits lane splitting. It is illegal for Illinois motorcyclists to engage in lane splitting.

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At the Law Offices of Tedone & Morton, P.C., we understand how devastating motorcycle accidents can be and provide our clients with highly skilled legal representation. If you are a motorcyclist or another driver who has been involved in a motorcycle accident, you should consult our Will County personal injury lawyers at 815-666-1285 for a free consultation.


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shutterstock_190621838When you are going through a divorce in Illinois, your goal should be to achieve the best possible outcome for yourself, ensuring that you will have the resources you need as you embark on the next phase of your life. One of the ways to make this happen is to be well-prepared for your divorce trial. Here is a list of six tips to help you prepare for trial and increase your chances of securing a favorable outcome:

1. Dress Appropriately. When you show up for your trial, you should be dressed professionally. Rather than dressing casually or wearing a provocative outfit, you should wear a suit or clothing that gives you a clean and neat appearance. If you have any tattoos or piercings, be sure to cover them up.

2. Stay on Point While Testifying. You may be tempted to tell the judge everything when it is time for you testify. However, doing so may aggravate the judge and make your case less compelling. Try to keep your answers short and avoid volunteering unnecessary information.

3. Control Yourself When Your Spouse or Their Lawyer Speaks. Although it is easier said than done, you should control your emotions when your spouse or his or her lawyer speaks in court. Avoid rolling your eyes, interrupting, sighing, or doing anything else that will make you appear rude or disrespectful, since these actions could be used against you. If you believe your spouse is saying something false, quietly inform your lawyer.

4. Listen Carefully to Questions. Prior to answering, you should be sure you fully understand the question being asked. By doing so, you can ensure that you answer it correctly and avoid stating something that does not make sense to the judge or volunteering inappropriate information. If you get asked a complicated question that you do not understand, ask the judge or attorney to repeat it. Never answer a question you are unclear about.

5. Be Yourself. During a trial, act as you normally would. Do not try to be someone that you are simply not. A lack of sincerity will likely hurt rather than help you.

6. Consult With Your Lawyer. Your lawyer has been to many trials, meaning they can help you prepare for what to expect and answer any questions you may have. Talk to them and use their knowledge and experience to your advantage.

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Although you cannot change the facts of your case or the laws governing divorce in Illinois, following these tips can raise your chances of getting the outcome you want. If you are planning on filing for divorce and need experienced legal representation to guide you through the process and trial, do not hesitate to reach out to our Joliet divorce lawyers. Call us today at 815-666-1285 for a personalized consultation.



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shutterstock_602635895Slip and fall accidents lead to millions of emergency room visits every year. A slip and fall may cause a minor injury such as a bruise or bump or something more serious like a traumatic brain injury or even a fatality. Our firm has represented many victims of slip and fall accidents and have found that these are six of the most common causes of such accidents:

1. Hazardous Walking Surfaces
There are a variety of ways a walking surface can turn into a hazard. When a floor or ground is cluttered, has potholes or loose tiles or floorboards, has been recently waxed or mopped and is still wet, or features torn carpeting, someone can easily slip and fall.

2. Weather Conditions
While property owners cannot always predict the weather, they have an obligation to shovel their sidewalks, salt their steps and walkways, and plow their streets. If they fail to do so and someone slips and falls as a result, they may be held legally liable.

3. Nursing Home Neglect
Unfortunately, it is common for nursing home residents to slip and fall. Sometimes, they fall because of weak bones and the natural process of aging. However, other times, they do so because of nursing home negligence and a nursing home’s failure to take safety precautions to prevent slip and fall accidents.

4. Improper On-the-Job Training
Employers in industries like manufacturing or construction must provide their employees with adequate on the job training in order to help them prevent slip and fall accidents. If they fail to do so, they can be responsible if one of their employees slips and falls.

5. Poor Lighting
Poor lighting can lead to slip and fall accidents, especially in the winter months when it becomes dark earlier. When indoor and outdoor property lacks proper lighting, visitors can find it difficult to navigate and see potential dangers that may cause a slip and fall accident.

6. Improperly Maintained Stairs
Stairs can pose a serious danger when they are not properly maintained. When they contain debris, uneven surfaces, or broken handrails, a slip and fall accident may occur. Stairs with highly polished wood floors that are more slippery than those of carpet and stone and can cause slips and falls as well.

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If you or someone you love has been injured as result of a slip and fall accident, you should reach out to our highly skilled Joliet premises liability attorneys. We can examine your case and determine whether you have a valid premises liability lawsuit. Call the Law Offices of Tedone & Morton, P.C., today at 815-666-1285 for a consultation.


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